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  • Tropicana Carton Pack Process Simplification

    Type of work: Process set-up
    Date: July 2016
    Market: Europe
    Client: PepsiCo/Tropicana procurement team

    As one of many actors in our clients’ supply chains, efficiency is an ongoing concern. When unnecessary complexity was identified in the Tropicana carton pack process, it was up to us to eliminate the duplication of certain activities – in this case, the double round of approval needed on colour proofs from K and the carton pack supplier.

    The colour proof in question is part of the supplier’s production process and includes various types of screening. In order to streamline the process, our task was to find a way to emulate and produce a proof identical to the supplier’s and to acquire approval of the proof from all parties so that supplier’s proof would no longer require the client’s approval.

    Following an analysis of the technical specifications of the carton pack supplier, we developed and implemented the colour profile of the carton pack supplier at K. The printer’s fingerprint was then established in collaboration with the printer. Working closely together with Esko, we achieved a perfect emulation of the standard and stochastic screening process used by the printer, which allowed us to control the impact on the colours. We then implemented the profile in our colour management system GMG and combined it with the Esko screening.

    The designs included both matt and shiny surfaces as well as raised areas. To add to the complexity, the target format was a transparent pressure sensitive label on a transparent bottle, which meant that the premium design had to be visible on both the front and the back of the label.

    K delivered flawless colour separation, which allowed the design to be clearly visible on both sides of the transparent labels. The surface finishing requirements were achieved by working closely together with the printer suppliers, who used special varnishes for the matt, shiny and raised textures. The stunning results were true to the design intent and highly appreciated by the brand and design teams, which have entrusted K with future work on the LIFEWTR design series in order to ensure the same level of excellence.

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